By Melonie Dodaro

The body is the physical form and machine that’s instructed daily by our dominant thoughts and actions. The body carries out actions based on directions from the conscious and subconscious mind. It’s the evidence of what’s held in the mind.

For example, let’s say you decide you want to be a public speaker. If you’re nervous and worry about saying something inappropriate, or are concerned that someone will make fun of you, those thoughts will manifest in the body as sweaty palms, embarrassment, and stumbling over words. However, if you spend time imagining how positively your audience will respond, how articulate you’ll sound, and how energized you’ll feel, that will manifest in the body as well. You’ll be confident and filled with energy and your audience can’t help but respond positively to you.

When we intentionally change the thoughts to which we give the most focus and energy, and repeat these thoughts until they become desires, they are impressed on our sub-conscious mind and become emotions. Our bodies put those emotions into action and our actions become our results.

A paradigm, which can be a habit, belief, attitude, pattern, work practice or expectation, gives you the guidance to interpret and approach the world around you. When you examine your paradigms around weight, you may find your current results aren’t what you want. Your objective of reaching your “ideal weight” is to move your conditioned results into alignment with what you want. For instance, let’s say you used to drink one glass of red wine every evening, but to reach your ideal weight you have to change that to a glass of water with a lemon slice instead. This is a paradigm shift.

We all know only too well what we have to do to be at our ideal weight; the problem is that we aren’t doing it! The secret to success is to gain an understanding of why we’re not doing it-what the primary cause of the problem is-and then correct it. Remember when you were growing up and your teacher or parent would say, “Why do you do that?” and you probably said, “I don’t know” and then your mom would say, “What do you mean you don’t know? You know you weren’t supposed to do that.” At that point, you dropped your head and would say “Yup, I know.” The crazy thing is that we still carry this silly, “I don’t know” concept into our adult life!

We all do things we know we shouldn’t do-things we don’t want to do-and we do them anyway. We’re conditioned to believe that it’s our behavior that’s causing the unwanted results in our life. That’s really not true; we’re forever attempting to change those behavior patterns: eat less, eliminate junk foods, and exercise more often-all without success.

There are millions of people in every country in the world going on different diets all the time to lose weight. These people aren’t trying to reach their “ideal weight”; their whole obsession is with “losing weight.” There’s a dual problem with this. First, they believe that food-eating the wrong food or eating too much food-is the primary cause of their problem, which isn’t true. Their eating habits are a secondary cause of their problem; it’s the primary cause that needs to be corrected if the results are going to permanently change. Second, when you lose anything-it doesn’t matter what it is, from your car keys to those 20 pounds-you’re subconsciously programmed to immediately begin to look for it. Unfortunately, when it comes to weight loss, you find it.

To experience any kind of lasting success with weight loss, you must address the primary cause of your problem, which stems from your thoughts and beliefs. Once you deal with the primary cause, you’ll find releasing excess weight and keeping it off will be easier than ever.

About the Author

Melonie Dodaro is a weight loss expert, author and speaker. Her approach to weight loss incorporates showing people how to master their mind-body connection for lasting results. To learn more tips and techniques like the ones included in this article please click here:

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