Whoa Canuck Fever Hits the Gym

This is a bit of a departure for me with respect to the blog. Usually, I am writing something technical or exercise related. But, today I am feeling in a bit of a lighter mood so a little jaunt down a side path is in order.

Our little gym is humming this morning with talk of the Stanley Cup Playoffs tonight. Naturally being from Vancouver, my husband and I are pulling for the Canucks to take the Cup back to Canada. Even myself and the staff at the gym got in the mood today. Of course, that got all the clients chatting and it was indeed fun times (along with the hard work) of course!

Meaghan, Narina and Rhonda getting in the Canuck mood!

Meaghan, Narina and Rhonda getting in the Canuck mood!

Client Commitment:

I have been blessed with an amazing group of people to train over the past 10 years that the Studio has been open. Not only are these clients incredibly dedicated to the healthy lifestyle, they continue to work hard each and every time they come into the gym. Most of these clients have trained religiously 3x week for 5 years and more now. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our wonderful clients at Victoria Wellness and a special recognition to the clients that have been with us 5 years and more:

5 years

Max,  Heidi,  Doug,  Marilyn,  Lin,  John P.,  Kathy J.,  Anne M.

6 Years

Allison,  Kim,  Mary P.,  Greg,  Shellie,  Marla,  Maureen,  Christine,  Bill

7 Years

Dianne A.,  Teresa,  Jill S.

8 Years

Rada,  Gerald,  Lisa

And the 10 Year Award goes to:  Dale F. and Paulette

Thank you so much to all of you for making my dream a reality!

Our New Smoothie Bar Has Arrived!

"SIP"  Our new smoothie bar is almost ready for business.

We have come a long way from our humble beginnings on Johnson Street and we will continue to grow and offer the very best in personal fitness coaching in Victoria. Thank you to all who have supported and trusted us over the past 10 years. And thank you to my wonderful training team – Rhonda, Meaghan and Denise for keeping the spirit going!

Till next time,

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