What The Hurry?

Everywhere we look today, people are in a hurry. Rushing to work, rushing to school, rushing their kids off to after school activities. We have become a society of hurried and stressed people. And, nowhere is it more prevalent that in the health/wellness industry or in the exercise/diet world. Everyone is looking for instant results, the instant fix, the simple fix without putting in the work. Well, if it was that easy everyone would look and feel wonderful. If it was easy, obesity, chronic diseases and sedentary lifestyle wouldn’t abound.


diet game

The diet game is one that is riddled with quick fixes. Everywhere you turn there is the miracle diet, the miracle pill, the miracle treatment or surgery that will turn you into the god or goddess overnight with very little effort or work on your part. Just look around at all the diet centers in this City (Sure Slim, Weight Watchers, Dr. Bernstein, Jenny Craig to name just a few) and all doing a booming business. So many people looking for the easy fix, the quick fix. The truth is that all of these places will work – in the short term. They all say you will lose weight – and you will if you follow their plan. No one says it will be a healthy weight loss. No one says you will lose the weight and keep it off.

The sad truth is that desperate people take desperate measures (starvation diets, no exercise, packaged food products); all is a desperate attempt for this one last diet to work. The problem with most of these quick fix diet plans is they don’t teach you what to do for the rest of your life. Yes you will lose weight. And you will lose it quickly, which in itself is not healthy nor sustainable (but that is a whole other soapbox). But, the problem is what happens when you have reach your “goal weight” and you begin to resume normal eating patterns? Most don’t know what that is, so they revert back to old habits and presto – what happens? The weight comes back on and more.

Dieting without proper nutrition and education is a receipe for failure. Dieting without exercise teaches nothing about sustaining a weight loss for the rest of your life.

There is only one recipe for success in the game of weight loss – Proper nutrition and education provided by a qualified Registered Dietician combined with a well balanced strength and aerobic conditioning program again provided by a fitness professional.


bad pushups

The other aspect of wellness that everyone seems to be in a hurry is in the exercise department. Proper exercise technique, whether it be kettlebell training, weight training or whatever acitivity you choose – takes time to learn and it takes time to teach. Sadly most adults do not move well. They have developed muscle imbalances, asymmetries leading to faulty movement patterns. Tight and inflexible muscles, decreased range of motion through joints leads to the inability to move correctly. This has a huge impact on someones’ ability to master proper exercise technique (or the golf swing for that matter).

With these faulty movement patterns prevalent in most of us, teaching exercise technique takes time. It may sometimes take several months to learn a proper deadlift or the ability to hinge the hip. It may take months to learn core stability as well as scapular stability to perform proper exercise movements. It is impossible to teach or expect someone to master a movement, whether it be a basic squat or push up in a hour or two when their very own bodies are not even capable of performing it no matter how hard they try. The job of the fitness professional is to determine the imbalances/asymmetries and correct them allowing proper movement to take over. This takes times to correct. You cannot undo months or even years of postural problems/movement imbalances in one or two sessions in the gym.


Fitness professionals as well as clients need to be patient in learning and executing proper exercise form. It will come. It will happen. One day everything will just click and presto the perfect deadlift or perfect push up will be executed. But to expect to teach or learn correct movement patterns in a hour or two is inappropriate for the majority of people. As fitness professionals, we are committed to the long term and we hope our clients are as well.

Bottom line – be patient. Good things come to those who wait. Determine your goal, plot your path or course of action, be consistent, be patient and work hard. Your goals will be realized and better still – that goal will be permanent!

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