What Does Christmas Mean to You?

What is Christmas to You?


This is probably one of the most common questions asked. What does Christmas mean to you? Time with family and friends. Parties with an abundance of food and drink, only to be worked off come January, right? Christmas carolling, xmas light, presents and fun times with kids and Santa?

I am sure we all have favorite memories of Xmas past. That one memory that seems to stand out amongst all the rest? My Mom loved Xmas. She was the biggest kid of all of us. I can always remember Mom suggesting that we all open just one present on Xmas eve. She could never wait until Xmas morning. And my Dad would finally give into my Mom. We would all then be allowed to open just one gift, usually one picked my another member of the family. It was usually something small; saving the best for Xmas morning.

But, I think for me, my fondest Xmas memory was when my brother and I were around 8-9 years old. We always had to have breakfast before we were allowed to open presents. So, there was my brother and I sitting at the kitchen table having a bowl of cereal. My Dad handed my brother a note who was told to read it and give it to me. As he read the note, I remember his eyes getting huge! He handed the note to me which I then read:

“If you look on the out the window, you will see your very own Shetland pony”


I remember thinking, Oh right, sure. But when I looked out the window, there tied up to the post of the patio was a grey Shetland pony. I remember my brother and I tearing out into the back yard in our pajamas to see our new pony, aptly named Dynamite!

Apparently my Dad had bought the pony a week before and was boarding it at a friend’s farm. He had gone the night before with a friend’s pick up truck and picked it up. Now at the time, we lived in a residential subdivision. Being a kid, I didn’t know that you weren’t really allowed to have horses in your back yard. But my Dad had built a little lean to in one corner of the back yard and fenced a little section off. Dynamite turned out not to be the best kid’s pony since he didn’t really seem to like us – always trying to bite and kick. Sadly, Dyanmite was eventually given to a friend of my Dad’s that had a farm. Years later we would still laugh about Dynamite – our Xmas pony.

Fast forward years later, Xmas is a bitter sweet time for me. 1997 saw me spending Xmas at the Hospice Unit at RJH Hospital. My first husband was dying of cancer. Even though he was in a coma, I had Xmas dinner catered in his hospital room. My Mom, my best friend, John’s parentsfrom Vancouver and I all shared what was going to be his last Xmas. It was a wonderful, though sad evening and Dec 27th I said good bye to John.

Xmas still holds a lot of wonderful memories for me and yes, some sad. But I don’t dwell on the sad. Xmas should be a happy time. A time to come together and share. A time to put pressures of work and life aside. A time to reflect and pull together those people that mean the most to you.

I cherish the time with my family and friends. I love being able to spend time with my friends that I get little opportunity to see throughout the year. And even though we may only get together 2-3 times throughout the year, we respect and value our friendship.

I love being able to thank all our wonderful clients for their support of Victoria Wellness over the year. I know I have said it many times, but it our wonderful guests of the Club that make all this possible.

So it brings us back to the question, What does Xmas mean to you? Take this time to appreciate good health, good friends and wonderful family. Cherish time together and maybe you have some wonderful childhood xmas memories to share as well. My brother and I will still laugh about Dynamite, our first horse and remember how happy my Dad was when he pulled off the surprise of a life time.

Merry Christmas,

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