What beliefs control your weight and life?

By Melonie Dodaro

Do you believe that you’re overweight and will never be thin?
Do you believe you have to eat everything on your plate?
Do you believe that no diet has worked and it’s hopeless to try again?
Do you believe you’ll never be at your ideal weight, so get over it?
Do you believe you can’t change your life, so why bother?

“Some beliefs are like blinders, shutting off the power to choose one’s own direction. Other beliefs are like wide gateways opening wide vistas for exploration.” – Sophia Lyon Fahs

Beliefs are controlling every move you make. When you understand how to build a belief system that will guarantee success — a belief to replace the ones that currently control your life — you’ll have opened a door to a brand new world.

Beliefs are one of our subconscious filters. Filters are processes, which generalize, delete, or distort any information that enters our five senses to allow that information to fit into our existing model of the world. Beliefs are the on/off switch for our ability to do whatever we want.

If you don’t believe you’re able to do something, you might miss the opportunity to find out that you actually can. If you don’t believe you can change the way you feel and look, then you might never know you can.

It’s important to find out what beliefs you have, what caused them, and why they make you get the outcomes you do. These beliefs can essentially be changed so you’ll do what you need to do to achieve your goals. You’ll make the changes that were once prevented by certain beliefs.

The number one predictor of your success in obtaining the body you want is not your sex, age, IQ, or heredity, but rather the belief that you will succeed!

Beliefs are behavior patterns, much as a thermostat controls the temperature of a room or an automatic pilot controls the flight path of an airplane. They control the direction of your life and the results you achieve. Results cannot be permanently changed unless our beliefs are altered.

Changing habits and patterns is critical to successfully managing your weight. You need to come off autopilot and create awareness to regain control. Most overeating and unhealthy food choices are linked to the patterns you’ve developed over time. The root causes of the patterns you follow are your emotions. What and how you feel result in the actions you take. You do this subconsciously all the time.

People do the best they can with the resources available to them. Since you’re in charge of your mind, and therefore your results, know you have all the resources you need available to do whatever you wish. You just need to tap into them. Believe in yourself. Believe in your success!

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