Top 7 Reasons Most Goal Setting Does NOT Work, And What To Do About It!

Today’s blog post comes from Bruce Elkin of Victoria, B.C. Bruce is a Personal Life Coach, Career Coach and Life Design Coach. If you have or are struggling with setting goals and even what goal setting means, please go to the link below. This is an excellent article. Please read.

Goal Setting That Stretches You, and Draws Out the Best You Have to Give!

“People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals, that is goals that do not inspire them.” — Anthony Robbins

I imagine that, for many would-be goal-setters, coming to a coach seems a bit like a frustrated dieter breaking down, and signing up for Jenny Craig. Over the years, both have tried many approaches: read books, listened to tapes and CDs, and watched countless videos. But the pattern is often the same.–And-What-To-Do-About-It

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