Variety Is the Spice of Life

Today was workout day, as pretty well every day is. But, I didn’t really have a plan today. Now, most of the times when you train you need to have a plan. Your overall program should have a plan, a goal to work towards. Today I really just wanted to shake things up a bit. […]

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Spice It Up A Little

I spent over 15 years as a competitive bodybuilder. Within that sport, my training was very consistent in that there wasn’t a lot of variety. Yes, I was constantly tweaking my programs. Changing my rep scheme, my weights used and rotating exercises was all the norm. Nothing was static. But, the one thing I have […]

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Great Sled Workout

Just finished a great sled workout with my friend and fellow trainer, Mylene.  Here’s what we did: Sled Push/Pull – 40 yds – 210 lbs x 4 sets with 30 sec rest between Sled Push/Pull with Farmers Walk – 30 yds – 210 lbs (Farmers walk with 16 kg) x 4 sets with 30 sec […]

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