Warm Ups – How and Why.

We have had our new warm up protocols in place for about 8-9 months now. Several months ago, I wrote a newletter article discussing how everyone was finding the new warmup drills and how things were progressing from the trainers’ perspectives. Since then almost everyone is humming along through the warm ups without any difficulty. […]

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Tomatillo Gazpacho Recipe and Happy Feet – what a combo…

Tomatillo Gazpacho Recipe and Happy Feet  - what a combo...

  Tomatillo Gazpacho Recipe Traditionally this Tomatillo Gazpacho recipe was eaten by Spanish farmers and originally consisted of perhaps no more than day old bread, olive oil, and water, finally pulverized into cold soup. Today Gazpacho has taken many forms, where the only limits to this dish are of course, ingredients and most importantly a […]

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