4 Ways to Get Rid of Knee Pain When Exercising

Today’s blog post is from guest contributor, Kinesiologist Rick Kaselj. For more information on Rick and his articles please see the Contributor page. There is a lot that you can do if you have knee pain or knee stress when exercising. Here are four way to get rid of knee pain and knee stress when […]

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Computer Woes, but Good Workout!

I came in early to the gym as usual wanting to get some emails and computer work done before my morning workout. But, the computer gods were conspiring against me this morning. My wireless mouse has decided not to cooperate, so I am spending more time chasing it around the screen and attempting to get […]

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Fast & Furious Gets The Job Done

I was a little tired this morning. Late evening at the gym last night and up early this morning. I wanted a quick and kick butt workout this morning. A workout that moved fast from exercise to exercise so I didn’t have time to think about being tired. So, this little dumbbell circuit filled the […]

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