What The Hurry?

Everywhere we look today, people are in a hurry. Rushing to work, rushing to school, rushing their kids off to after school activities. We have become a society of hurried and stressed people. And, nowhere is it more prevalent that in the health/wellness industry or in the exercise/diet world. Everyone is looking for instant results, […]

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By Melonie Dodaro The body is the physical form and machine that’s instructed daily by our dominant thoughts and actions. The body carries out actions based on directions from the conscious and subconscious mind. It’s the evidence of what’s held in the mind. For example, let’s say you decide you want to be a public […]

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By Melonie Dodaro A diet victim excuse is the line you tell others, and yourself, about why you haven’t been successful with your health goals in the past. By and large, this is a conglomeration of misconceptions, assumptions, and denial all rolled up into one. All of us have heard or used the following excuses […]

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