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Our private studio is a “state of the art” training facility.

Gone are all the cumbersome machines that sat you down, put your core to sleep and resulted in very little gains in strength and even less if weight loss is the goal. This is a training facility that bases training programs on the latest scientific research in the world of strength and conditioning.   Gone are the old “fat burning zone”  workouts of the past.  Now, workouts are interval based with metabolic conditioning built into each program.  This leads to safe, efficient training which generates results!

Our private studio is primarily open space with room to move.  Power racks are visible along the outside walls for power and strength work.  Hanging ropes invite you to do pushups, lunges and pull ups.  Our astro turf is home to our sleds.  If you are looking for fat burning workouts – the turf is your friend.  Kettlebells line the walls inviting you for a swing or two.

Our juice bar “SIP” is your one stop post workout recovery center or a quick drop in for a snack or even a cappuccino!  No more missed lunches if you are in a rush.  Stop in and pick up lunch to go.  Only naturally vine sweetened fruit, non fat yogurts and all varieties of milks are used.  No added sugars or additives are used.

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