Sports and Concussive Injuries

AS a member of several stgrength training web sites as well as following along some of the top stength coaches I often come across interesting articles that are relevant to myself and my staff in our job of personal training.

It is not uncommon to see collisions in all types of sports, some are planned and some are not. Yes, there are sports where contact is inevitable and injuries do occur. I think the important aspect to remember is how are the injuries dealt with and what steps are being take to ensure permanent damage is not caused by what may seem like an innocent enough event.

I believe that concussions are taken far too lightly in sports today and often athletes are put back into the game too soon for adequate healing of brain injury to occur.

I think it is only too obvious just how the most innocent of brain trauma can be responsible for dire consequences after hearing of the death of a Natasha Richardson last weekend.

Today, however I came across a video from Strength Coach Mike Boyle, that is not only important to those of us that work in the industry but also for all of those that participate in sports or who have children involved in sports. Please take 10 minutes to watch this video; the link is below.

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