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I spent over 15 years as a competitive bodybuilder. Within that sport, my training was very consistent in that there wasn’t a lot of variety. Yes, I was constantly tweaking my programs. Changing my rep scheme, my weights used and rotating exercises was all the norm. Nothing was static.

But, the one thing I have noticed since I no longer compete on the bodybuilding stage, is that I am using a lot more variety in my workout regime. I am sure a lot of it has come about since opening my private fitness studio.

One thing I have always preached about to clients is that bodybuilding is a “sport” not a form of training. It amazes me how often I still see programs being done that are typical of bodybuilding training – isolating muscle groups – chest day, leg day, back day etc. Also, are typical is the rep/set scheme. How common is it to see in any public gym the program set out as 3 sets of 10. Not very creative.

I very seldome train like a bodybuilder anymore. I don’t usually have isolated muscle group days any longer. I am usually incorporating a lot more total body movements into my programs now. Also, with owning a private gym I have access to much more variety. In our facility we have all the standard dumbbells and bars. But, we also have kettlebells, sleds, hanging ropes, trap bars.

So, now I have the opposite problem. So much variety and always a challenge as to what to train that day. Also, with owning and running the business, I don’t have the luxury of spending 90 minutes in the gym training. My workouts now need to be shorter, more intense and I need to stay one step ahead of our incredibly strong clients that train with us daily.

My workout today came about after reading the lastest Art of Strength newsletter. This is an great newsletter that is packed with videos of great exercise routines using kettlebells, bandit loops (ropes) and bars. Check out their newsletters at

So, for todays workout I copied exactly what was in their newsletter last week. It consisted totally of a bandit loop (rope) workout. Each exercise was done for 30 seconds. Each circuit consisted of two exercises done without rest and for 3 times through.

Circuit #1 – Bandit Loop Mountain Climbers; Kettlebell Swings
Circuit #2 – Bandit Loop Extended Pushups; Kettlebell Presses
Circuit #3 – Bandit Loop Lunges with arms overhead; Turkish Get up with bar

This was a great little workout that took me 20 minutes to complete. If you looking to change up your routine a little, try this out. And, if are looking for more kettlebell exercises and workouts, check out Art of Strength.

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