Smoothies – Good Choice, But Beware

Our local newspaper printed an article recently about Smoothies. We all know that smoothies are a quick snack, a meal replacement and just taste great when filled with fresh fruits.

A smoothie can be an excellent choice and should be combined with fresh fruits, yogurt, and good fats. But also beware as smoothies can add up to a lot of calories when the wrong ingredients are used. A smoothie made with ice cream is a dessert, not a great choice when trying to watch your calories.

Our trainer Todd has once again come up with a great new recipe and this one is a Smoothie. Here it is:

Smoothies are something that we’ve all tinkered with…Here’s my favorite combination which is easily prepared in the morning. Simply throw in your favorite combinations & always feel free to experiment with something a little exotic… This smoothie features “mint”.

A handful of Fresh Strawberries, 1 Kiwi, 1 Banana, 4 Mint Leaves, 1/3 cup of Plain Yogurt, 1 Tbs. of Essential Oil & a scoop of Protein Powder. This essentially creates an “on the go” well balanced pick me up, for breakfast, or even a pre-lunch snack, keeping your energy levels & metabolic rate regulated

Modest portion sizes, eating frequently, whilst choosing healthy alternatives makes all the difference. “The Anytime Smoothie” is a nice low calorie/high nutrition alternative to what is conveniently available. One would be hard pressed to beat this snack in terms of enjoyment & not to mention nourishmentJ

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