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For those of you interested in treaments for plantar fasciitis, here is some very brief information provided by Dr. Jamie Grimes, DC

“The treatment with the highest proven success rate is Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy. It’s the only technology that makes the very pain sensitive bone membrane, called the periosteum, heal. The pain is due to traction of the fascia off of… the bone ( called an Enthesopathy) from trauma, overuse and over pronation. ”

“Shockwave heals the bone and fascia tissue by stimulating new blood vessel growth into the tubercle of the bone where the fascia is pulling off of and the orthotics correct the mechanical fault to prevent it from recurring. Other treatments often work for the short term but don’t heal them long term. Shockwave is a long term solution using a special type of sound with no surgery or long term side effects or risks.”

Dr. Grimes practices chiropractic and musculoskeletal therapies in Victoria. In addition to treating spinal injuries much of his practice is focused on repetitive strain, sports and traumatic injuries of the upper and lower extremities.

For more information about Dr. Grimes please contact Synergy Health Management


One of our faithful blog readers from Michigan sent along a great article she wrote re Type 2 Diabetes. I have provided it here for you. I will be writing a future post on diabetes. For now, have a read:

Listed below are 2 proven methods that assist people to lower type 2 diabetes risk

Are you aware that excess weight is probably the primary risk factor for diabetes?

Yes, additional circumstances, such as genes and aging do are likely involved in type 2 diabetes. But an international Obesity Task Force estimated in 2002 that 60 percent of diabetes cases all over the world were due to fat gain, as well as in Western nations it absolutely was nearer to 90 percent.

If you are obese or overweight, you’re 90 times as more likely to develop type 2 diabetes as someone who just isn’t, according to overview of medical literature published in 2003 by University of Kentucky along with other researchers.

As outlined by Gerald Bernstein, MD, director of the diabetes management program in the Gerald J. Friedman Diabetes Institute at Beth Israel Hospital in New york, fat cells that go in and around your belly work to close the action of insulin, that is necessary to lower the blood sugar.

Insulin normally triggers the liver to take up extra blood glucose and store the energy for future use. But when the liver is submerged in fat tissue, insulin can’t get the liver to react.

Therefore, blood sugar levels can accumulate within the bloodstream, where it could damage organs all over the body. But obviously any good relatively moderate volume of weight-loss and exercise can help you avoid diabetes.

Regular exercise makes cells more responsive to insulin, so that they absorb more blood sugar levels. Exercise also improves your cholesterol and lowers blood pressure levels.

All three factors are crucial. Those with either prediabetes or diabetes have a very much greater risk of cardiac problems than other folks inside the population and controlling the 3 can lower that risk.

Inside a 2002 study, individuals with prediabetes reduced their risk of diabetes by 58 percent after shedding pounds, eating better, and exercising 150 minutes weekly in comparison to those that would not.

One common goal is by using a pedometer and target walking at least 10,000 steps per day.

Exercise helps in case you don’t lose weight. But if you undertake, you have added protection from the disease. You don’t need to lose a ton of weight to learn.

According to Nadine Uplinger, RD, an avowed diabetes educator and director of the Gutman Diabetes Institute in the Albert Einstein Health-care Network in Philadelphia, Losing approximately 7 percent of the weight minimizes or delay diabetes.

So you? What you are looking for? Begin to eat healthy and exercise from today!

About me: D. R. Ohara is writing for the insulin pumps website, her personal hobby blog focused on suggestions to help individuals to prevent Diabetes and increase the awareness on healthy eating.

For further information regarding D. Ohara’s article please refer to the original article from The New England Journal of Medicine

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