September 22 – 25, 2007 – Climbing Mt. Rainier

Victoria Wellness clients Anne, Victoria, Gail and Mary stop for a picture opportunity at 11,500 feet. These four extremely fit ladies have met other adventures head on, such as completing the West Coast Trail to canoeing the Bowran Lakes in Northern British Columbia. Even though our clients found this climb to be one of the more challenging of their adventures to date, they all felt they were in great physical shape and well prepared for their climb, in part thanks to their training programs at Victoria Wellness and their dedication to their training programs away from the gym.

As their trainers at VWP, Kevin and myself would like to congratulate Anne, Victoria, Gail and Mary for their Mt. Rainier adventure.


Victoria Wellness Clients, fellow climbers and the guides take a quick break.










A view of the ice fields on Mt. Rainier.

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