Push/Pull – Are We There Yet?

Sled Training  – What, Why??

Feb 3, 2012

Pushing and Dragging – what kind of workout is that you ask?  One of the best is the answer.  Sled training has very quickly become not only a fun workout, but also very beneficial.    Sled training involves pushing, pulling backwards, dragging behind you or any combination of these for a pre determined time or distance.


The Benefits are:

*  Easy to learn, no special skills required.  This is a huge factor as it allows anybody to get involved in this amazing workout early in their training.

*  Not a complicated movement.  This allows everyone to feel successful early on which helps with motivation and ongoing success in your exercise program.

*  Perfect for anyone dealing with orthopedic issues.  There is not the stress on joints that may be associated with squatting orlunging movements.  So even those with knees problems, shoulder issues or even low back issues can safely do sled training.  This allows for fundamental movement patterns to be trained and allows you to be fit, stronger and improve your ability to move through these various movement patterns.

*  Sled training allows for a variety of movements without a great change in the equipment; making it a very efficient training tool.  It is easy to learn and easy to implement.

*  Most people have huge muscle imbalances.  This is especially true of the “posterior chain” group of muscles or the muscles on the back of the body.  Since we are unable to personally “see” these muscles, they are often forgotten about in training   programs.  Sled training targets the muscles in the hips and thighs and allows us to address hamstring and glute weakness.

*  The pulling movements with all its variations help to address the posture issues for all the desk workers.

*  The sled allows for training thru multiple movement patterns with ease.  You can incorporate lunges, side stepping, backward drags, low pushes without even changing the load on the sled.  This would target all the muscle groups of the hips, glutes, thighs and back.  The upper and lower body ust work together to coordinate movement.  These movements transfer much better to everyday life or sport.

*  The core also serves an integral role to stabilize the body so that the limbs can exert force on the sled and the ground.

*  It is a fantastic cardiovascular workout – talk about interval training and fat loss – the best!

Sled training can be as varied as the imagination.  Incorporate rowing movements, chest presses, squat rows with pushups.  The variety is endless and incorporating sled training in any exercise program will increase the metabolic demands and along with that increase your fat burning capability.



Spending as little as 10 minutes at the end of your workout will put your metabolism in overdrive and keep you humming along for the rest of the day.


Talk about a big bang for your buck:  increased metabolism, head to to integrative workout, easy to use and easy to learn!





Get Pushing!  Till next time,


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