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Strength & Conditioning for Golfers

tpi_certified_logoNo longer is golf a game where the gents and ladies head out to the course on the weekend, dressed in the latest golf attire, armed with the newest driver and play a round without any thought as to whether they are  physically prepared for their game.

Physical Conditioning

Physical conditioning is paramount to a good golf game as well as remaining injury free.  This includes improving all aspects of your body that affect your performance. Being able to move well is critical to making your golf swing more efficient.

What does that mean to the average golfer?

In order to improve your game, prevent injury (lower back pain is the #1 complaint in golf) and continue to enjoy the game for many years, you need to take a scientific approach to preparing your body for the requirements of the game.

Golf ExercisingWe offer golfers:

  • a 16 screen assessment system that will help to identify limitations of movement (flexibility,  mobility or stability of core)
  • understanding of the kinematic sequence of the golf swing to help correlate assessment findings with the swing
  • understanding of the 12 most common swing characteristics (loss of posture, reverse spine, early extension, over the top, sway, slide, casting, scooping, etc) and how the assessment findings can help determine your swing faults and how best to improve
  • a strength and conditioning program that is individually designed for each golfer based on their assessment, their swing characteristics and information provided to them by their golf pro.

Move well – swing well.  We can help determine your movement limitations or challenges and work with you to help you move better.

Program G1       

  • 16 screen assessment
  • Printout of assessment results
  • 1 personal training session per week
  • Home workouts provided

$300/month (3 month commitment)

Program G2 

  • 16 screen assessment
  • Print out of assessment results
  • 2 personal training sessions per week
  • Home workouts provided

$400/month   (3 month commitment)

Program G3 

  • 16 screen assessment
  • Printout of assessment results
  • Unlimited training sessions per week
  • Liaison with golf pro to determine swing issues
  • Home workouts provided if needed

$600/month    (3 month commitment)

I have been training with Narina for the past 5 years. Initially our focus was on improving my core strength to help address the scoliosis that I’ve had to manage my whole life. As I got older and still tried to remain active in athletics I relied on various tension wraps and taking a lot of Advil to deal with the pain and discomfort. I haven’t used either for the past few years, including a balky old kneebrace, and feel better than ever.


On the golf course my swing speed has increased and more importantly my ability to consistently compress the ball, regardless of the lie, has significantly improved. Hitting shots more solidly and being able to disassociate my upper and lower body to create more spin, power and club head lag have been crucial to playing better golf.


Bob Bell, CEO LimeSpot Solutions Inc.

Training times filled on a first come, first serve basis.  Space is limited.  Call 250-382-2355,  contact us or fill out the form below today to reserve your spot.

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