Posture, Carbs and Cooking Oils – What a Combo!

by Todd Pelan


The importance of posture transcends far beyond just looking our best. Optimal posture, ensures that the muscles of our bodies are properly aligning our joints, from head to toe? The proper transmission of the many forces of everyday life, ensures our joints remain healthy forevermore.

Going one step further did you know that a forward head posture facilitates the “pelvo-ocular reflex” (POR). When this happens the lower back arches to realign the eyes, helping us maintain our sense of balance. The problem with this is that something as simple as a forward head position, may affect quite literally our entire body.

In conclusion, maintaining proper head posture improves posture of the entire kinetic chain.

A Word About Carbs
by Todd Pelan

The popularity of Low Carb Diets have given this nutrient a poor reputation, leaving us confused and faced with the questions. Carbs, good or bad? In truth carbohydrate intake should fill 50 – 70 percent of our daily energy intakes for moderately active people.


Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy. Without adequate carbohydrate intake, we end up missing the bulk of our diets. Meaning we never feel full. Fiber is present in balanced proportions from whole foods, like fruits and vegetables helping delay emptying of the stomach, and is essential for the prevention of heart disease & numerous forms of cancer.

Colourful Greens, Fresh Fruits and Whole Grains, whilst making perpetual efforts to replace refined carbohydrates, is one of the best investments for supporting your goals. For example: This week replace wheat pasta with Zucchini Pasta. Mmmmm.

Cooking Oil Conundrum
by Todd Pelan

Many questions arise when it comes to what are the healthiest fats to cook our food with. Monounsaturated, Polyunsaturated, Saturated, Unsaturated??? The list is confusing & goes on & on. Speaking to this question, I will attempt to simply express a few great options and close with some not so great options.



Extra Virgin olive Oil. “Monounsaturated Fat”. Cooking with this oil is a fantastic option for low to medium cooking temperatures, just remember “no smoke” when using this oil or any other oil for that matter. Organic Coconut Oil. “Saturated Fat”. A great option for slightly higher cooking/sautéing temperatures. Organic Butter. “Saturated Fat”. A nice option for cooking/sautéing with or for enhancing flavour after a dish has been cooked.


“Trans Fats”. Partially Hydrogenated/ Hydrogenated, Shortening, vegetable/ Shortening Ideally, or better said “unconditionally” these fats should stay out of your daily food choices at home and out on the run. Raising Bad and decreasing good Cholesterol increases incidences of Heart Disease.

french friesjpg

Canola, Sun/Safflower, Soy, Corn, & Cottonseed Oils. “Polyunsaturated Fat”. These fats are very unstable, often highly refined/modified from there natural form making them oils that should stay out of your home. Yes they are of vegetable origin making them perceivably healthy oils. But due to there nature are a poor choice. Things like French fries and chips are commonly cooked in these oils.

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