Simon Lamarche

  • Graduate of a Honours Bachelor of Science in Human kinetics, University of Ottawa – specialisation in exercise physiology.
  • Trained massage therapist in Québec
  • Certified CSCS, strength and conditioning specialist
  • Certified cross-country skiing coach
  • Trained coach in Olympic weight lifting and track and field
  • Frist aid and CPR – C, HCP, AED and Oxygen
  • Fluent in French and English


Academic goals

Long term: I would like to complete my BAET program to become a CATA certified athletic therapist. Following this program, I may want to pursue a research-based master’s degree in either physiotherapy of some aspect of physical preparation.


I love learning and reading research about rehabilitation and sport performance training. My favourite sports are: hiking, cross county skiing, trail running and weight lifting in the gym. But outside of sport and rehabilitation, I really enjoy good food and spending time in the bush.

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