How a Personal Trainer Can Improve Your Overall Fitness

Strength training and aerobic conditioning are equally important to an overall fitness program.  Working with a personal trainer will help you achieve strength gains, decrease overall body fat levels, increase your knowledge of exercise and working out and prevent injury.

Here are a few ways a personal trainer can help with your overall fitness:

a personal trainer can prevent excusesMotivation:

Motivation and commitment to a regular exercise program can be tough in our busy lives today.  It seems the busier we get, the farther down the list the exercise routine is put.  Demands on time, busy jobs and feeling tired can all add to low levels of motivation.  A personal trainer is in your corner to help you work out even when you don’t really want to.  A personal trainer is there your own personal cheer leader, there to support and help you through even the toughest days.

Personalized Routine:

A personal trainer will design a a program that is specific for you.  Once a thorough assessment is carried out, and goals discussed, your personalized program is created.  Each person has their own concerns and generic programs with a “one workout for all” is not going to get you the results you are after.

successGet Results:

One of the biggest challenges for people working out on their own is what to do.  What exercises do I perform?  How much weight should I use?  How many sets/reps?  When do I change the program?  All these variables can lead to boredom and frustration when no results are seen.  Seeking the help of a personal trainer will answer all these questions for you and put you on the road to faster results.

Help you Decrease Bone Loss and Increase Muscle Mass At any Age:

As we age (especially women), two things happen – we lose bone mass and muscle mass.  In fact, both of these start to occur at about 30 years of age.  It is important for everyone to be involved in a strength training program to not only stop bone loss, but to help increase bone mass as well as maintain or even build muscle mass.  Both of these are achievable as we age, so no time should be wasted at getting involved in a strength training program.  A personal trainer can help to design an age appropriate, weight appropriate program leading to improving both of these areas.

versus_anterior_slingIncrease Knowledge:

Do you know exactly what you should be doing in your workouts?  Do you know the correct technique for the exercises?  A personal trainer can determine what exercises you should be performing but can also teach you correct technique so you not only achieve the results you want, but stay injury free.  You will learn the right way to work out, how to use the equipment correctly and what cardiovascular conditioning is the most appropriate for you.

Efficiency:time #2

Stop wasting time trying to figure out what and how to workout.  A personal trainer can devise a program, teach you how to do it and make the most efficient use of your time.  Your workouts should never take longer than 45-60 minutes (including warmup, strength exercises and stretching program).

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