Most of you know that in order to recover your body needs rest. You do not grow in the gym, you grow while getting rest. Overtraining throws a wrench into the process.

In a previous article I spoke about mood swings from overtraining. Another symptom of overtraining is sleepiness. You work your body to the point that it cannot recover. It starts to use energy that it normally wouldn’t use. This makes you feel sleepy.

This symptom is no different than how your body reacts to a cold or flu bug. It instinctively knows that rest is the only cure and it sets out to get the rest it needs.

If you’ve been training hard and notice yourself feeling tired alot of the time examine the possibility that you are overtraining. Look at everything objectively. Make the right moves before you dig a huge ditch for yourself.

One sure fire cure is to take a week off from training. This will enable your body to fully recover and you will come back stronger. Give your body the rest it craves and you will be rewarded with great increases later.

Mike Mahony

Michael Mahony is a fitness guru wannabe, computer specialist, huge hockey fan, loving husband, proud father and motivated speaker. He encourages everyone to work hard and work with intensity. His philosphy is that you never work hard enough because you can always work harder than you just did. Michael’s other sites include (where he chronicles his own training adventures) and (where he exposes fitness misinformation overload). You can connect with Michael on Facebook at and on Twitter @MikeMahony.

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