Overtraining – Mood

With the holidays fast approaching people everywhere are either starting a new workout lifestyle or rededicating themselves to an existing one. This is when my caution flag goes up. The exact mindset that leads these folks to train is the mindset that will lead them down the path to overtraining. In my next 4 articles I will discuss overtraining. I will touch on mood swings, sleepiness, muscular atrophy, and loss of interest in training caused by overtraining.

When we overload our central nervous system through overtraining it causes a major change in our mood. We suddenly become irritable. Everything bothers us. People around us begin to ask if something is wrong.

At first it doesn’t strike us as overtraining. We come up with every excuse in the book because we don’t want to believe we are overtraining. As this situation progresses we soon have to admit that we are overtraining.

Once we have identified that an overtrained situation exists we must back off. Taking a week off is the prescription for am overtrained body. Get alot of rest so your body will have time to recover.

Contrary to what most people think, you won’t lose strength. In fact it is very likely that you will see strength increases after your break. Just take the time off for recovery. You will not be sorry.

Michael J. Mahony, Consultant
Mahony Technology Solutions

Michael Mahony is a fitness guru wannabe, computer specialist, huge hockey fan, loving husband, proud father and motivated speaker. He encourages everyone to work hard and work with intensity. His philosphy is that you never work hard enough because you can always work harder than you just did. Michael’s other sites include (where he chronicles his own training adventures) and (where he exposes fitness misinformation overload). You can connect with Michael on Facebook at and on Twitter @MikeMahony.

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