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I am happy to announce a new Contributor to our Blog. Danielle Van Schaick, Registered Dietician and owner of Dani Health will be here to answer your nutrition questions and offer some guest posts from time to time. If you have Nutrition questions or are looking to make changes to your eating habits or just looking for new fresh ideas, I highly recommend Danielle and Anneke of Dani Health. Enjoy todays post:

Dietitian’s Kitchen
by Danielle Van Schaick, R.D.

As a Nutrition Professional, I continually search for food products that I can recommend to my clients. These products must meet my strict nutrition criteria however, it doesn’t end there. No matter how healthy a product, we simply won’t eat it (nor get it’s nutritional benefits) if it doesn’t taste good. Here are a few of the products that you’ll find in my kitchen!

1. Olympic Probiotic Organic Yogurt


• 100% natural and certified organic, guaranteed free from pesticides, herbicides and other chemical substances
• Naturally high in calcium. Milk and milk products provide a source of calcium that is easy for the body to absorb
• Contain probiotics, active bacterial cultures that have many proven health benefits such as strengthening the immune system and improving digestion
• Naturally low in lactose, making it easily digestible and acceptable for those people with a lactose intolerance

2. Catelli Smart Pasta

catelli pasta

• Contains inulin, a prebiotic fibre that stimulates the growth of ‘good bacteria’ in our intestines
• Only contains 1.5 calories per gram, versus 4 calories per gram typically found in other carbohydrates
• Has minimal impact on blood sugar levels, and may be suitable for people with diabetes
• May increase the absorption of calcium
• 9 grams of fibre per 85 gram serving (3 x the fibre of traditional white pasta)
• 0 mg of sodium per 85 gram serving.

3. Kashi Chewy Granola Bars

kashi bars

• High fibre (4g fibre per bar)
• Nutritionally balanced with 5-7 g protein per bar
• Minimally processed, and contain only natural ingredients
• No partially hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, or artificial anything
• Taste great!

4. So Nice Unsweetened Soy Milk

soy milk

• Low calorie – only 60 calories per cup
• Nutritionally balanced: 6 grams protein and only 3 grams carbohydrates per cup
• Good source of poly & monounsaturated fats (the good ones!)
• Lactose free source of calcium – provides the same amount of calcium as cow’s milk
• Use only organic, non-GMO soybeans grown in Canada and the US
• Contains more isoflavones than other soy milks

5. Silver Hills Squirelly Bread

squirrelly bread

• Made with organic sprouted grains
• Low GI, so they are digested more slowly by the body, keeping the blood sugar levels stable for longer and making you feel more satisfied.
• High fibre – 5 grams per slice
• Nutritionally balanced: 5 grams of protein per slice – something other breads can’t say!
• Tastes great toasted (a little dry if not toasted)

A Registered Dietitian (RD) is a health professional who can provide advice on nutrition, food and healthy eating choices to help you look good and feel great. Registered Dietitians take complex medical and nutrition research and make it easier for you to make daily food choices and plan healthy meals. They can show you how healthy eating can be fun, enjoyable and delicious! Registered Dietitians are your trusted experts in nutrition.

Dani Health:
#405-1095 McKenzie Ave.
Victoria, B.C. Canada
(also servicing Duncan/Nanaimo)
Phone: 250-590-6382
Fax: 250-590-6422

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    I would like to start off by saying, thank you for supplying me using the information I’ve been searching for. I’ve been surfing the web for three several hours searching for it and would have given my correct arm if I would have located your site sooner. Not only did I find what I was searching for, but discovered answers to questions I never even believed to ask myself. Thank you for your wonderful web-site!



    Hi Jim – thank you for your comment. I will forward your question to Danielle direct.


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