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March 15th, Victoria Wellness had the pleasure of hosting another great nutrition lecture from Anneke of Dani Health The lecture was entitled ‘Starving Yourself Fat’ and focussed on dieting, metabolism and how starvation diets have a detrimental effect on not only your overall health, but your weight loss efforts as well. Thank you Meaghan for taking some notes for us.

If you have any questions regarding the information below please contact Anneke or Danielle at Dani Health

Notes from DaniHealth’s presentation:
‘Starving Yourself Fat’

Common Diet’s plans:
– Dr. Bernsteins – only allowed 800 calories/day
– Jenny Craig – 1300-1600 calories/day
– Nutrisystem – 1300-1800 calroies/day

How many calories does the average male/female need?
– males
o sedentary – 1900 calories/day
o very active – 2500 + calories/day

– females
o sedentary – 1500 calories/day
o very active – 2200 calories/day

Basal Metabolic Rate – how many calories your body burns at rest
– for example, if you were lying in bed all day you would burn this amount
– Meaghan found this website which calculates your BMR:

– BMR differs person to person. Depends on age, sex, amount of lean tissue mass (muscle)
Every pound of muscle you have increases your metabolism by 50 calories. This is why we need to weight train!
– once you have calculated your BMR, you can find your daily caloric needs, based on your activity level
– use the Harris-Benedict Equation:

eg. Meaghan’s BMR = 1478 calories
Daily caloric needs based on active to very active
active = BMR x 1.55 = 2290 calories/day
very active = BMR x 1.725 = 2550 calories/day

How do I lose fat then?
– create a caloric deficiency, but don’t go below your BMR value. Once you dip below your BMR, any intake of food is stored as fat because your body thinks you are starving it.
– Best to create a caloric deficiency by decreasing calories by 100 per day or through exercise
– To lose pound you must create a caloric deficiency of 3,500

How to Increase Metabolism:

1. Eat regularly – every 2-4 hours
2. Eat Breakfast – within one hour of waking
– Try to include a good mixture of protein and high fibre carbs. Eg. Peanut butter on whole grain toast (with at least 4 grams of fibre) and a banana
3. Increase your muscle mass – strength training
4. Sleep – try to get 7-9 hours/night. Muscle mass is regenerated during the last few hours of sleep
5. Water – drink at least 2L/day
– Caffeinated products don’t count towards your water intake
6. Foods that naturally increase your metabolism:
– Green tea (4 satchels/day)
– Hot peppers
– Grapefruit
– Oatmeal – soluble fibre. (note – try to choose slow cooking oats)
– Salmon
– Almonds – 12 at a time, don’t overdo it as they are high in calories


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