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June 7, 2012

No Excuses:

If you think you're too busy to exercise, then ask yourself – Are you also too busy to spend time in a Doctor's office. Your body needs care and needs movement to stay healthy.  Exercise keeps your muscles and bones strong, improves circulation, improves your immune system and combined with a healthy diet, will help to control your weight.   Stop pretending you are too busy to work out.   Most people have busy lives, but healthy people make it to the gym anyway.   Make your health a priority.  Don’t give yourself room for excuses and just do it.

Replace Your Shoes (Not Your Knees)

If you do a lot of walking or are a runner, take care of what you wear on your feet.  Your shoes wear out and it you do not replace them when needed, so will your feet and knees.  Try this:  When you buy a new pair of runners, put a date on them.  Most shoes will last about 500 miles of use.  If you know your mileage each week, you will be able to calculate when it is time to replace your shoes.

Choose interval training for best results

I have done frequent posts on this in the past .  The "fat burning zone" and 70% heart rate is not the most beneficial if you are looking for results.  Once you have worked out consistently for a few months, interval work is where it's at.  Interval work means you work very hard for a predetermined period of time (could be 20 second to 1 minute).  Then you will recover for also a predetermined period of time (could be a 1:1 ratio for example).  Then you would repeat this sequence for anywhere from 10-20 minutes.  Go hard,  go short = resutls!

Be Consistent

The difference between success and not reaching your goals could be as simple as consistency.  You must be consistent with your exercise program and you must be consistent with your nutrition.   Consisteny builds success.

Make Your Plan Fit Your Life

This goes back to "no excuses".  YOu must make your exercise program fit your life – not the other way around.  We all have responsbilities – work, children, spouses, school actitivies, etc.  Most of these responsibilites are not negotiable or moveable.  You must find a way to fit your exercise program into life – it is possible and with the help of a professional you can make this work.

Take celebrity fitness advice with a grain of salt    

This is one of my biggest pet peeves.  Do not believer everything you read about celebrities and their fitness programs.  Doing just Pilates or yoga once or twice a week is not going to get or keep you "in shape".  Remember with celebrities it is their job to look good.  They have access to professional trainers, professional chefs and work out a lot!  They also are consistent and religious about what they eat – all the time!  That is what they do!

Cut out Refined Carbs

Do not drink fruit juice, lattes and sodas.  They all have unneeded sugars and calories you don't need.  If you are thirsty drink water.  If you need a pick me up, coffee is ok but watch adding sugar and cream!  Stay away from the sugary, sweetened alcoholic drinks.  White four, sugars, corn sryup and junk food – run away!

Think of food as fuel

The best diet in the world is not a diet.  It is a lifestyle.  Healthy food should be eaten year round.  Moderation is the key and yes there is such a thing of "too much of a good thing".  Watch your portion size.  Do not eat three hours before bed – you don't need fuel to sleep!

Eat When you Wake Up

Breakfast is vital.  You must start the furnace burning.  Your metabolism has been in fasting mode for the number of hours that you sleep.  It is necessary to fuel the furnace and wake up your metabolism.  To keep your metabolism running high, have several small meals through out the day.

Water is Vital

Water is necessary for virtually every function of your body, including the fat burning!  Try drinking a big glass of water in the morning, before meals, while exercising and before bed.  Water – the elixar of life!

Be Patient

No matter how hard you try or how diligent you are, there will be ups and downs.  There are setbacks and occasionally you may go "right off the rails".  Don't give up.  Get right back on the horse!  Be patient and be good to yourself.  Trying to be perfect all the time is just setting yourself up for failure. Be as consistent as you can.  Accept the trip ups and move on.  Setbacks are not an excuse to give up.  They are just a little hiccup along the road.  Be patient, be consistent and revel in your victories!

Celebrate your successes

Whatever your successes, not matter how small or how big – celebrate.  Share your success with those around you, those that support and encourage you.  Whether you have just won the Giro D'Italia or walked down the block of your street – it is your success.  Reward your successes – a new pair of runners, some new fitness clothes, a massage.  Celebrate these successes and then plan your next Challenge.


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