Motivation – What does it mean?

I have often written in past articles about motivation and goal setting. I think most people struggle with this. Just what is goal setting all about and where does motivation fit into the picture.

For myself, in my bodybuilding competing days, motivation was not an issue. Knowing you would be getting up on stage in a teeny weeny posing suit was all you had to think about to get your butt into the gym and away from the ice cream.

In later years since competition days are long gone, motivation is a whole new ball game. What motivates me now? What keeps me training? Where is the discipline to eat well? I have to admit that motivation is a struggle for me just like it is for our clients at the studio. There are certainly days when I don’t really feel like training and there are days when one more salad with chicken will be my undoing.

But, I try to take one day at a time. I remind myself how great I feel when I do train and eat right. Am I perfect? Not a chance. Expecting perfection is just setting yourself up for failure and that leads to not even trying. I know I’m not going to be perfect. But I try my best each day. I put strategies in place that are going to help me be successful.

I go in early before the gym opens to get my workouts in because I know there is no way I am going to do them after work. I also allow myself the luxury of a personal chef to ensure that I have nutritious and healthy meals ready to go at night after a long day at the gym. You can check out my personal chef at:

I also want to invite you to read an excellent article by friend and fellow trainer, Angie Schumacher from Colorado. Angie has posted on this blog before and always has fantastic information to share. She just happened to write an article recently entitled: What Motivates You?

You can read this article at:

So, think about what is your motivation? Also, what strategies or steps can you put in place to help you succeed. Think about it. Let me know….

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    Madison Brown

    Goal setting is very important if you want something to be done in a short period of time.`-.


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