Motivation Not Included

I am happy to add Michael Mahony as a contributor to our Victoria Wellness blog. Please enjoy this article about motivation. You will see more articles from Michael in future blog posts. Enjoy……

Motivation Not Included

I’m sure you’ve seen these on TV and the web. There is the Perfect Pushup, the Perfect Pullup, and P90X. They all claim they will sculpt and change your body. They show you long infomercials that have individual after individual giving testimonials about how wonderful Product X is and how their body has changed by using it. There is one thing they don’t tell you.

Motivation is one of the key factors in any physique transformation. Don’t let my use of the term physique transformation scare you. I’m not necessarily talking about a 12 week transformation. I am speaking of any exercise routine that changes your body over a period of time. To me, that is a transformation. Whatever the program, without motivation you are not going to achieve your goals.

Motivation is the factor that is not included with these programs. It is the number one reason the majority of people who buy these programs fail. They just cannot get motivated to complete the program they start. It isn’t the fault of Product X. It is entirely up to the individual to figure out what motivates them and then leverage that.
Our society has a quick fix mentality. When faced with a problem the quick fix is the most desireable to most people. Thus, they see a P90X infomercial and the slick marketing and they break out the credit card. When the program comes they start out on fire and hit it hard for a week or maybe two weeks. At some point they begin to slack off and miss workouts. When 90 days has passed they begin to tell people that P90X just doesn’t work. They may even claim to have realized this all along. What a scam!

As I’ve already stated, it isn’t P90X that is the problem, it is the lack of motivation. Motivation is the one thing that no program can provide on its own. Motivation cannot be purchased. It is a very individual thing. What motivates me may not motivate you and vice versa. It takes work at times to figure out where your own motivation comes from, but the time you spend is worth it. It will give you the edge that is missing from the program you purchased.

If you take one thing away from reading this hopefully it will be that you can buy a book, DVD, eBook or any other fitness product, but without motivation you are wasting your money. Before you start down any fitness path figure out what motivates you and then work that angle. You won’t be sorry.

Now get back to lifting!
Michael Mahony

Michael Mahony is a fitness guru wannabe, computer specialist, huge hockey fan, loving husband, proud father and motivated speaker. He encourages everyone to work hard and work with intensity. His philosphy is that you never work hard enough because you can always work harder than you just did. Michael’s other sites include (where he chronicles his own training adventures) and (where he exposes fitness misinformation overload). You can connect with Michael on Facebook at and on Twitter @MikeMahony.

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