Monday Morning Workout

Well,  the roads weren’t too bad coming in this morning.  Hopefully we won’t have any more “white stuff” falling from the sky.  I decided to do a kettlebell workout this morning.  This is a great little workout; takes about 10-15 minutes to run through one time.  I got this workout from Anthony DiLuglio at  Check out his website for more great kettlebell workouts.   So here goes:

Turkish Get Ups – 4 reps each side

Double Windmill – 8 reps each side

Swings – 10 reps

Cleans – ladders 4,3,2,1 reps each side

Alternating Reverse Lunge with OH Press – 8 reps each side

Double KB Squats to Single Leg Deadlift to Clean – 6 reps each side

Snatch to Windmill to squat – 4 reps each side

This is a great start to the day.  Warmed me up really fast and gets the heart working.  If you have kettlebells try this little workout.


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