Love Chocolate – Prograde Lean Meal Replacement On Sale!

Love Chocolate???

I am always searching for protein powders that provide the right nutrient mix and tastes good. Well, Prograde Lean Meal Replacment has brought my searching to an end thank goodness. I have always used a protein supplement. And, over the 30 years I have trained with weights, there have been hundreds of different protein powders – from an ugly yellow powder that refused to dissolve to Prograde products today.

Prograde is not only an exceptional product but it tastes awesome and it satisfys my chocolate craving very nicely.

How great it is then that Prograde is putting its Chocolate Meal Replacment “Prograde Lean” on sale. And, for just 31 hours!

In honor of Halloween – 10.31% off Prograde Lean – starts Wednesday Oct 14 at Noon EST and end Thursday, Oct. 15 at 7.00 pm EST

All the details are right here:

Get yours now!
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