Kevin & Todd = Road Trip

Kevin and Todd hit the road in late March for a much anticipated workshop in Vancouver on “The Nuts and Bolts of the Corrective Exercise.” It is uncommon for world-class presenters to visit our neck of the woods, so this two-day course was not to be missed. Narina’s commitment to stay current with the latest science-based fitness advances usually entails flights down to the USA, so a relaxing 90 minutes in the BC Ferries “Pacific Lounge” watching Todd eat an entire banana loaf was a pleasure.

This workshop was sponsored by the Vancouver Kinesiologist Rick Kaselj, who has been a contributor to the VWP Blog.

All the excitement was over the opportunity to meet Eric Cressey, who flew up from Massachusetts to present a comprehensive overview of physical assessments and corrective exercise strategies. It’s not often that you meet someone who at the age of 28 has developed into the go-to coach for major-league baseball and many Olympic athletes, opened a high performance training facility, written over 200 articles, four books, and co-created three DVD sets. And let’s not forget that the guy deadlifted 650 pounds at a body weight of 174.

Eric Cressey

The benefit of attending a workshop such as this is the ability to keep current with what is happening today. Just as in medicine or many other professions, once a concept is written up in a textbook, it may already be outdated. Presenters like Eric Cressey are the ones who ask the hard questions. Why are we giving our clients and athletes these specific programs and exercises? What could we do better? What things are worth keeping? Does the science agree with our experience?

Todd and I learned some new physical assessments and corrective exercises during those intensive hours of the seminar, and our understanding of things like Femoro-acetabular Impingement and Glenohumeral Internal Impingement Syndrome has improved. But the two most enlightening moments did not come from either a new assessment or a corrective exercise

The first pearl came when Eric Cressey presented information from various sources that essentially illustrated that none of us are “normal”. We all have a physical issue that could be diagnosed from some form of medical imaging – anything from spinal disc bulges to shoulder rotator cuff tears to knee degeneration. Just because the doctor tells us that we have tendonitis does not mean that we have to toss out our training program. Appropriate and challenging exercise should be in everyone’s life – problems do not go away by sitting on the couch.

The second ah-ha moment came on the ferry trip back, when we met up with some trainers from the a Sport Excellence training facility here in Victoria. They were most impressed with some of the warm-up drills and exercises presented in the workshop. Todd and I looked at each other, eyebrows raised. “You mean you don’t already do those things with your clients?” we asked. It seems that the things that we’ve been doing for years at VWP are “news” to a self-proclaimed “world class” sport training centre. It’s nice to be reminded that we’re on the leading edge of fitness training. Thanks Narina.

Our steady, measured evolution at Victoria Wellness will continue, in part from information learned on these “road trips”. Todd already has his bag packed for the Perform Better 3-day Functional Training Summit in Long Beach California this August!

Kevin Franklin

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    John McDougald

    Nice report, Kevin. Thanks for taking what you do seriously. I know that I stand to benefit.


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