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We all live very hectic lives these days. Just trying to find time to get all our tasks done can be stressful in itself. Exercise should never become a stressor in your life. Exercise is meant to de-stress and calm; allowing the mind to relax and the body the work. I have always found a good weight lifting workout a great way to “relax” the mind; work the body and allow all the chores of the day to disappear for an hour.

One of the challenges of todays hectic lifestyles is to find a time to workout and being able to fit your exercise session into an already very busy day. The easiest is to try and fit your exercises into your daily route; meaning either before work or after work. Lunch hours are also a great time to fit in a quick workout and this can be as simple as putting on your runners and going for a power walk.

For me and my lifestyle it is a challenge when to fit my workout in when our gym is running full tilt 12 hours each day. I know for me personally I am not going to workout in the evening. I don’t and never have liked evening workouts. My prime time to workout is around 10 am or 4 pm. Since neither of those times work for me and my job requirements, I needed to look at an alternative. So for me, it is before my work day starts. I know I am not going to do it after work, no matter how noble my intentions are. So, just get it done first thing in the morning!

So today was a leg/arm day for me. And for 5:30 am workout this is what I did:

Frontal (side) lunges supersetted with EZ Curls
Rope Bulgarian Lunges supersetted with EZ Curls (sore elbow so no dumbbell curls for me right now)
Bar Squats supersetted with EZ Tricep Extensions
Romanian Deadlifts supersetted with Tricep Pushdowns

4 sets of each that took me just over 35 minutes to do. Fast and furious.

So, if you are having challenges getting in your workout time let’s talk. There are a lot of options to getting your exercise program included into your daily life. Remember, workouts do not need to be 1 hour, cardio sessions do not need to be 20-30 minutes at a time. Exercise has a cumulative effect, so don’t let time be your enemy.


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