Inverted Row – Oh no, not again!

The inverted row is, for most people, one of the most challenging exercises they will perform in the gym. This exercise requires a tremendous amount of upper body strength as well as core stabilization.

Primary muscles involved with this exercise are the lats, trapezius, rhomboids and biceps. Core strength is also tested in keeping the body in a straight line position. This is not an exercise for the beginner to try. Feet on a block or ball is the most advanced version of this exercise. Start with feet on the floor and go for perfect technique first.

Common faults seen with this exercise are: leading with the head or chin, allowing the hips to sag and shrugging of the shoulders.

You should strive to keep the head aligned and the neck neutral. Squeeze your glutes and try not to allow your hips to drop as you lower yourself to arm length. Keep the shoulder blades pulled back and down. Strive to get your chest as close to the bar as possible.

Next time in the gym, if not already, give this most difficult back exercise a whirl.

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