How Do I Get Started?

Getting Started with an Exercise Program – How, When and Where?

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You know you need to be exercising. You know you will feel better and look better. So what is holding you back from starting? You probably have many questions and few answers. How do I fit this in my already busy life? Where do I go? Is there one form of exercise that is better than another? How do I learn what to do? The questions are endless. With this newsletter I will give you as much information as I can to help you make the decision that will get you started in the right direction. Let’s take these questions one at a time.

How do I fit this in my already busy life? This is a challenge for most people today. Between full time jobs, commitments from the workplace even on your days off; spousal needs and children, there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. It would seem between getting to work in the morning and getting home in time to shuttle kids off to their various activities, there doesn’t seem to be much time to look after you. But, you know it is essential that you take care of your health.

There are many options available to those whose life already seems demanding. You can work out at home. This works especially well if you have small children that you are staying home with. It is not necessary to have a variety of equipment or tools. Body weight circuit training can be just as demanding as a gym workout when properly designed and executed. If your children have naps during the day, this is a perfect time to grab a quick 20 minute workout that will revive and energize you for the rest or the day. If old enough, you can even involve your children with your program – which will help to counter the effects of computer games and television. Start your children off early in life with a healthy habit of exercise.


If you work outside of the home, before work exercise programs can work well. We have found at our facility that clients who train before work often comment how good they feel starting their day off with a workout. This is definitely not a time for everyone, but for those individuals who like the early mornings, this can prove to be an excellent opportunity to get that exercise class in and done for the day! If you are not an early riser, there are other opportunities throughout the day and after work.

Lunch hours are an excellent time to get in a workout and relieve the physical and mental stress from the workplace. If you job involves sitting at a desk and computer then lunch hour workouts will help to alleviate “upper crossed syndrome” (round shoulders, tight and stiff neck muscles, poor posture) that it is so common in our society today. Follow your workout with a well balance lunch and you have done well.

And, for some people, after work is their first choice. I find that, if possible, try to book your workout right after work before you go home. Going home first and getting too settled, or involved in activities at the house can mean disaster to the workout plans. If you have children involved in after school activities, take advantage of this and look for opportunities for your own exercise program. In our facility, we are located next door to a dance studio and a karate school. A parent will drop their child off for their activity and come in and work with one of our personal trainers. Some rec centers that have an ice rink or swimming pool, may have an exercise room as well. This is the perfect time to work out yourself.

So, I have given you a few ideas to toss around and hopefully you will take a closer look at your day and see where you can fit in a little “me” time. Remember an exercise regime doesn’t have to take 2 hours. You can make noticeable improvements to your physical and mental well being with as little as 20 minutes a day. Start today, no right now! Make a list of the demands on your time as they are right now and look for gaps where you may be able to fit in as little as 10 minutes and get started. I will help you with exercise regimes to fit that busy schedule.

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