Ho-Ho-Holiday Drinking!

Ho-Ho-Holiday Drinking!

Danielle Van Schaick BASc, RD, CPT
Registered Dietitian, Lead Dietitian
Professional Speaker

‘Tis the season for Christmas parties, entertaining friends, and visiting with family – all of which may include some celebratory drinking! If you’d rather not gain 10lbs over the holidays, here’s a quick guide to help you choose the lowest-calorie drinks, as well as a few tips to help you recover from ‘one too many’!

Calories in Alcohol & Mixes

xmas drinks

Gin                             1 oz                         65 calories
Rum                           1 oz                         65 calories
Vodka                        1 oz                        65 calories
Whiskey                     1 oz                        65 calories


Sparkling Wine        4 oz (115 ml)      92 calories
Dry Red                   4 oz (115 ml)      83 calories
Dry White                4 oz (115 ml)      77 calories


Coors Light              12 oz (355 ml)     102 calories
Bud Light                  12 oz (355 ml)     110 calories
Corona                     12 oz (355 ml)     148 calories
Heineken                 12 oz (355 ml)    150 calories
Molson Canadian    12 oz (355 ml)     153 calories
Guinness                   16 oz (Pint)         207 calories
Beer Notes:
• Light beers are often around 102 – 115 calories while regular ale or lagers are around 150 calories.
• Stay away from darker beers (stouts and cream ales). They can have as many as 205 calories in 12oz.

Don’t forget the calories in your drink mixes:

egg nog

Club Soda                  12 oz (355 ml)                   0 calories
Tonic Water                12 oz (355 ml)               124 calories
Ginger Ale                   12 oz (355 ml)               120 calories
Coca Cola                    12 oz (355 ml)               140 calories
Egg Nog                        1 cup                             343 calories

And, in case you have ‘one too many’…
1. Drink LOTS of water – before, during, and (especially) after drinking.
2. Get out for a walk or, even better, drag yourself to the gym! Although you might not feel like getting off the couch, even a short brisk walk will have you feeling 100% better, and ready to take on the rest of your day.


3. Whip up a banana-orange smoothie for breakfast; the potassium in the banana and milk, and the vitamin C  in the orange juice will help to rebalance your electrolytes and detoxify your system.

Dani Health & Nutrition

Danielle is a private practice dietitian with a strong background in health, nutrition and fitness. She holds an Applied Human Nutrition Degree from the University of Guelph and successfully completed a Dietetic Internship with Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA).

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