Tomatillo Gazpacho Recipe and Happy Feet – what a combo…


Rustic Tomatillo Gazpacho Recipe

Tomatillo Gazpacho Recipe

Traditionally this Tomatillo Gazpacho recipe was eaten by Spanish farmers and originally consisted of perhaps no more than day old bread, olive oil, and water, finally pulverized into cold soup. Today Gazpacho has taken many forms, where the only limits to this dish are of course, ingredients and most importantly a bit of creativity.

Rustically chop all ingredients into a large mixing bowl:
· ¼ lb Tomatillos
· ¼ lb seasonal Tomatoes
· 1 large Cucumber
· 1 Green Pepper
· 1-2 Small Shallots
· 3 Garlic Cloves
· 1 Jalapeño
· 1/2 cup Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil
· A splash of Apple Cider Vinegar
· Optionally a splash of white wine
· 28 grams chopped Basil, Parsley and Cilantro
· 3 Squeezed Limes
· Large Pinch of Salt
· Fresh cracked black pepper

Simply toss and cover before placing in the refrigerator. The following evening blend into a smooth texture. Add Avocado into blender or food processor to provide creaminess. Season with salt and Pepper if needed. flavour with a Either Crème Fresh or a few bits of Blue Cheese never hurt.

Happy Feet

Our first point of contact plays a foundational role in how the rest of our body is liable to function. Dysfunction at the foot/ankle can initiate a ripple effect upon our other joints, forcing these joints to pick up the slack by moving beyond the norm. compromising these joints in the process.


Happy Foot Facts

· Encompasses 30 joints, 23 muscles, 100 ligaments, 26 irregular bones
· Absorbs shock
· Supports and distributes our weight all while providing balance
· Conforms to varying terrain
· Inspiring ankle mobility via “mobility drills/exercises” helps preserve potentially each major joint in the body


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    Todd, this gazpacho is delicious! It has a lovely bite to it and the avocado gives it a beautiful texture. Thanks for sharing.



    Anna – Marie – I am so glad you enjoyed it. I will make sure to pass on your message to Todd.


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