Great Exercise for Golfers

This exercise, called a Diagonal Plate Raise, is an excellent exercise to increase mobility or movement through the upper back (thoracic spine). Thoracic mobility is important to all of us to keep our lumbar and cervical spines healthy. When performing this please ensure that your hips or lumbar spine do not rotate; keep hips square to the front. Make sure you follow the plate with your eyes so you are not twisting your neck. This can be done for 6-8 repetitions for 3 sets on each side.

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    2 Responses to “Great Exercise for Golfers”

    Seth Simonds

    Is it okay to smile at your center? =)

    I’m kidding, of course.

    I really like what you’re doing and it’s great to see a fitness center reaching out with different forms of media. Have you considered doing a daily video blog? Having readers know that they can come to your blog for a quick tip to kick their workout into a higher gear might just increase your traffic and build awareness of all the great services you’re offering.

    I just got back from the gym. I wonder if I’d push harder if I had a trainer yelling at me…but I’m pretty good at being extreme on my own. =)




    Seth – I know, I look awful serious when I film little videos. Thanks for your comments. Will try and lighten up when the camera is on.



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