Great Dumbbell Workout

For variety at our gym, we have a series of “circuits” that we use just to break up the boredom of a basic strength program. This workout is an example of such a circuit. Our clients love this workout; it’s fast, aerobically challenging and lots of variety. After our usual warm up is done, we head straight into this workout. All exercises are done for 8 repetitions. Rest 20 sec between exercises if needed. Most of our clients will opt not to take a break until the end of the exercise order. All exercises are done with dumbbells.

Dumbbell Bench Press
Sagitall (forward) Lunge
Bench One Arm Rows
Step Ups (fairly high)
Push Ups (from floor)
Reverse Lunges
Single Leg Deadlift

All exercises done in this order once through. We then will throw a little core circuit at them. For example:

Plank (isoabs) 10 second hold x 3-5 reps
Reverse Crunches (15 reps)
Side Plank (side isoabs) 10 second hold x 3-5 reps
Ball Roll outs or Roll ins (10 reps)

After a quick water break, we will then go back and do the dumbbell circuit 1-2 times through. Weights should be heavy enough that 8 reps is a good working weight.

If you prefer, this workout can be done without the core as a break in the middle. Perform the dumbbell circuit 3 times through with a 30-45 second rest between each circuit.

If you want a fast, aerobically challenging workout give this one a try. Have fun!


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