Going from Victim to Victor!

By Melonie Dodaro

Do you take full responsibility for your decisions and choices, or do you blame everyone else?

Example: The food company is tempting you with mouthwatering sights and smells that ultimately cause you to be overweight and create the reasons for your failures.

You either take responsibility or you don’t! If you do, you can make the appropriate changes and get results. If you don’t, you’ll stay where you are and not progress, because no one will make the changes for you. It’s your choice.

Knowing that you are in complete and total control of your own destiny, no matter what happens or what others say, gives you the freedom to find your true self and determine who you’ll become.

Highly successful people understand that they can choose to be a victim or be empowered by taking full responsibility for all of their results in life. Taking responsibility for everything—whether successful and not successful—is empowering; if you’re responsible for something such as being overweight or obese, you can change it. If you don’t take responsibility for it…you can’t change it.

People who perceive themselves as victims don’t take responsibility for their actions or lives. How many times a day do you hear someone say, “It’s not my fault”? How many times have you said it? A destructive belief that many people hold onto is the “victim syndrome.” While they may have experienced very hurtful events, the event doesn’t determine the outcome. Your reaction to the event determines the outcome.

If you decide to face each difficulty with the attitude of “poor me,” then that’s exactly what you will get: a poor life. Viewing yourself as a victim of life, rather than a participant who’s taking charge, will weaken your resolve to create positive change. It’s very easy to feel trapped and remain a victim for your whole life.

The “poor me” syndrome or victim mentality is stifling and people can get caught, feeling powerless in their ability to move forward. They will constantly cry about their lot in life—“I’m too fat,” “I have no friends”—yet they sit at home alone on the couch, in front of the TV, rather than doing something about it. They could join a walking or hiking club, where they could meet other people and get some exercise at the same time.

Once you’re aware of the victim mentality, you’ll discover immediately how negative and destructive it really is. You’ll also find that you’re not really a victim in most circumstances, except in your own mind. You have the power to change if you want to. Many people, unfortunately, move from a victim mentality to an excuse mentality by choosing to shift blame outward; they don’t take ownership of their own lives or health.

There are exceptions to this. As a child, you didn’t have control over what happened to you, so you may have been a victim of circumstances or people; you may even have been abused. As an adult, for the most part you create the results in your life. We’re conditioned to make excuses—that way, it’s not our fault, which feels better.

When you become clear that your life is a reflection of all the choices you’ve made, and when you take full responsibility for every aspect of your life and accept yourself for where you are on your journey, you’ll begin to make the necessary changes to begin living the life you truly desire and see for yourself. You’ll be empowered by your choices and live as an empowered individual, rather than a victim. You’ve become victorious over your victimhood!

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