Gift of Thought

As always at this time of year, some clients will bring in Xmas gifts for myself and my staff.   I always appreciate their thoughtfulness, but this year something different happened.

Instead of the traditional bottle of wine, soaps or chocolates that are usually given at this time of year something unique was given to me.   I have a client (female) who I have worked with 3-4x/week for the last 3 years.  To say thank you for her 3+ years of “life-changing training” she made a donation in my honor.

This donation was to sponsor 2 months of “training” of various life skills for a young woman in Rwanda. This is done through an organization called Women For Women Most of us are aware of the horror in Rwanda and other war torn parts of world, but I was not aware of this particular organization.

This sponsorship was for a woman (Immaculee Nyirabarera) a 26 year old mother. The program provides vocational and technical skills and training as well as financial aid for her and her family.

I realize this a little off our usual topic here but this client’s gift this year made me realize just how lucky we are. I am sure for this young woman and her little girl, her dream would be as simple as food for her next meal and medicine for her child.

I apologize for getting on a soapbox but I have to say this was one of the more heart wrenching gifts I have ever received. I encourage everyone to at least look at the web site. Maybe there is someone on your Christmas list that you could make a donation on their behalf.


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    is there a forum on the site?



    No, there is no forum. But, if you have a topic or subject you would like covered, just let me know and I would be happy to write an article on it. Thank you very much for your comment.


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