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At Victoria Wellness, we provide fitness in Victoria and pride ourselves in providing not only safe, but science based exercise programs that address clients’ goals, their needs and hopefully have a little fun along the way. All our clients will go through a thorough assessment prior to the development of a program. Programs are constantly being reviewed and changed as needed.

I thought it would be fun to show a couple of videos of workout sessions in progress. Personal coaching sessions are done in a small group setting. Each trainer/coach will work with up to 3 clients; each one having their own individualized program. This is a very supportive and motivating environment and allows our training team to assess and teach each session.

For those that prefer the group atmosphere, we also offer group classes. All clients that attend group sessions will still go through the assessment protocols just as for personal coaching clients. However, their workouts are more circuit oriented with all members doing a similar workout. Even within the group class, the exercises are selected as per an individuals abilities. Some exercises may be substituted if an individual is unable (due to injury or other reasons) perform a specific exercise.

At Victoria Wellness, we pride ourselves on offering the best in personal training and customer service in Victoria. Thank you to all the clients who so generously gave of their time in the making of the videos. Also, thank you to some returning clients who also participated.

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