Assess – Prepare – Succeed

What does that mean to a firefighter applicant?

Physical conditioning is paramount to safe and effective firefighting. As such fire departments encourage physical preparation for duty. In fact, physical fitness testing is one of the first screening tools in the application process. Firefighting is a highly competitive career choice. This training program provides you an opportunity to practice the test and job specific skills assessed by fire departments that will help you rise above the rest in the competition process.

VWP can assess your performance limitations for job-specific firefighter tasks and work with you to help you achieve your dream of becoming a firefighter.

“We are here to give you the competitive advantage”

What can VWP offer firefighters and firefighter applicants?

Assess: an assessment system that will help to identify limitations of movement (strength, power, endurance, core stability, flexibility) that may impair performance of firefighter tasks.

Prepare: a strength and conditioning program that is specifically designed for each firefighter/ applicant based on their identified performance limitations.

Succeed: an opportunity to practice the task-specific tests that make up the UVic firefit test or the CPAT.

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