Favorite Client Gym Comments

We have a whiteboard in the gym which we use to put up exercise challenges or general info for our membership.  But every now and then we let our clients have a say.

Gym Comments Whiteboard

Recently we asked clients what was their favorite gym comment, either from fellow exercisers or the training staff.  Several comments ended up with check marks beside them as clients remembered hearing similar comments from their trainers at different workouts.

Here is what they had to say:

  • Oh, come on, it’ll be fun!
  • That looks easy!
  • Bye, thank you, have a good day.
  • Last One!
  • Stretch Time (I think this was everyone’s favorite comment they liked to hear!)
  • Was that 3 or 4?
  • Is that all you got?  (A comment from a client when I relayed what the workout was going to be that day)
  • No pacing yourself.
  • When in doubt, do 1 more
  • Workout Palooza
  • SIP?  (Also the name of our juice bar)
  • OK, water break.
  • I’ve got a good one for you today
  • Bat wings be gone.
  • Keep going, the timer messed up!
  • I lost count
  • I lost my head
  • Watch your head!  I hit my head.  What??  Again??
  • We’re going to do something new!
  • Pallof Press is still here, eh?
  • Enter if you dare (giggle, giggle)
  • Walk like an Egyptian
  • I felt sorry for you before.  I can’t remember when though.
  • Oh ****, not again!

What’s the best thing you’ve head at the gym? Post it in the comments below:

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