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I was a little tired this morning. Late evening at the gym last night and up early this morning. I wanted a quick and kick butt workout this morning. A workout that moved fast from exercise to exercise so I didn’t have time to think about being tired. So, this little dumbbell circuit filled the bill. We use this often at our gym. After a good warm up, clients will usually go through this workout three times before we move on to core work and some sled to finish off. Give it a try. Make sure you are well warmed up. At our gym, we use a series of mobility drills followed by some walking lunges and push ups. All exercises are for 8 repetitions. Go through entire circuit; rest 45 seconds and repeat 2-3x. Okay, here goes:

DB squats
Bench DB Press
DB Lunges
Bench One Arm DB Row
Step Ups with DB
Push Ups
DB Reverse Lunges
DB Single Leg Deadlift or DB Romanian Deadlift

Give it a try. Let me know how you did. For more information on our mobility drills and dynamic warm ups, send me a comment to this blog and I will be happy to forward our warm up regime to you.

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Have fun,

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