Exercise Demos

After my morning kettlebell workout, I did a short video of three exercises.  The first exercise is the Turkish Sit Up – use a light weight to start this one.  Make sure the straight leg stays on the floor; do not let the foot rise off.  Keep the arm straight up toward the ceiling and when in the sit up position, keep the arm close to your head with bicep close to ear.  When returning to the floor do not let the arm drift back over your head.  Do about 6-8 repetitions and change sides.

The second exercise is the Renegade Row – a good core training exercise as well as the row.  Make sure your shoulders are directly over the dumbbells when you start.  Your feet should be about shoulder width apart.  Keep your hips down and try not to sway side to side when rowing.  Alternate sides for about 8 repetitions.

The third exercise is the Bulgarian Squat with Overhead Press – an excellent thigh burner and core exercise.  Position back foot on block or bench.  Front foot should be out far enough to ensure the shin is straight when dropping into the squat.  Hold the dumbbells on your shoulders.  Drop down into the squat.  At the bottom, perform the OH press.  Return weights to shoulders and rise up.  Perform 6 reps and switch sides.

Try these exercises if you are looking for some variety in your workouts.  Keep the weights light enough until you master the form.

Have fun.  Contact me if you have any questions.

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