Early Morning Workout

Saturday morning at the gym. I have decided I have going to do a heavy sled workout today. I try to rotate sled workouts between lighter weights and sprinting; or load it up and just get down and dirty with a heavy load. Today, the down and dirty workout won out and I was using only my big push sled (not the rope pull sled).

This particular workout scheme came from an awesome group at Elite Fitness; Here goes:

The workout consists of 10 sets. Each set is equivalent to 30 yards of sled pushing. Every second set you will add some weight. Rest periods are as needed and you will certainly not rest as long with the earllier, lighter sets. This is what my workout consisted of (after a good warmup of course).

Set #1 and 2 = 175 lbs
Set #3 and 4 = 200 lbs
Set #5 and 6 = 220 lbs
Set #7 and 8 = 241 lbs
Set #9 and 10 = 263 lbs
Set #11 and 12 = 290 lbs

Great workout. Good burn for the legs! Please feel free to leave your comments. What did your workout consist of today?

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