Delicious Protein Pancakes Recipe

Here in Canada, we have already survived our Thanksgiving eating extravaganza.  This article and little receipe is for our U.S. friends who will be celebrating Thanksgiving this week.

You’re going to eat a LOT of food this Thursday.   You know it.   I know it.   And that’s ok.   I’m sure you’ve been working out just a little bit harder to prepare for it, right?   And I know you’re going to get a good workout in on Thursday before you chow down, right?

Now, besides that,  I also want to remind you one thing you do NOT want to do on Thursday is skip meals so you can stuff yourself with one big one.    That’s a no-no.

You still need to start your day right by boosting your metabolism with a solid breakfast.   So to help you out with that I’ve got a gift for you from me and my buddies over at Prograde Nutrition.   It’s a delicious Protein Pancake  recipe.

Thanks to the protein in the recipe, your blood sugar won’t go crazy like it can just by eating a huge stack of pancakes with sugary syrup.   Nope, this recipe will fill you up, nourish your body and give your metabolism just the boost it needs.

You can get the Protein Pancakes recipe at

Be sure to let me know how you like it.

Happy Thanksgiving!


PS – Seriously, have a nutritious breakfast this Thursday and your body will thank your for it on Friday.

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