Conference Recap and Thank You!

Aug 29, 2012

My plan for this week’s newletter was to recap my recent travel to the Perform Better Functional Training Summit in California in mid August. I always look forward to this conference as it brings together under one roof, a group (up to 30) of some of the best presenters in our industry. The topics cover every aspect of strength and conditioning such as:

  • Fascial Flexibility for Fitness Professionals (Eric Beard)
    Mobility, Motor Control Movement (Gray Cook)
    Programming Non-traditional tools into your Existing Training Programs (Robert Dos Remedios)
    A Proactive Approach to Programming (Dan John)
    Warrior Cardio: Secrets of Metabolic Training (Martin Rooney)

This is just a glance of what was 3 days of lectures and hands on workshops. There is always so much to learn and I never fail to come back with a gold nugget or two to incorporate into our programs here at VWP. But I think what was also important to realize is that we are on the right track here at VWP. Even though there is always something more to learn and always something new as well as better ways to improve our training practice, it is nice to have confirmation that we are doing good work and all to benefit our clients.

Originally my plan was to go into more depth re the conference and lectures, but the holiday time reminded me of another topic that seemed more important right now. As most of the VWP clients are aware, our trainer Marty suffered a work stopping injury while I was away. This necessitated closure of the gym for 3 days until I returned to town. I would like to thank Cory for coming in and clearing away all the equipment and weights that were left out following Marty’s injury. I would also like to thank Scott and Laurie for pitching in and helping with garbage runs and laundry duties the last couple of days of closure. Considering the circumstances of the last few days of the holidays, I was not sure what I would come back to when I reopened the gym. But, the gym was in pristine condition and not a thing out of place – calmed my OCD mind right away!   Thank you all.

The first two weeks since holidays have indeed been hectic. Thank you Meaghan for pitching in and picking up a few extra shifts during my first week back. Going forward the next few weeks will indeed be busy as we wait for Marty’s return to work. This reminds me of the “old days” when I used to run the gym alone – but back then it was not this busy and seldom was I working 16 hr days!

This first couple of weeks back is what prompted the change in my newsletter topic. As coaching staff, we are here to serve our clients and provide what I hope is the best training services in the City. But, in reality, what is actually happening is our clients are stepping in to help me! Getting their weights, washing mats, benches and treadmills – clients are pitching in to help ease MY workload and assist with the flow of the training sessions.

And a huge thank you to Laurie who continues to do runs to the garbage bin and offers of laundry/towel folding are daily.

The concern and interest our clients have shown regarding Marty’s injury is very much appreciated and hopefully he will be back to the gym very soon. I know we all miss him.

For me, coming to the gym each day and seeing our clients always raises my spirits. I thrive on seeing each and every client and always brightens my days. But this past couple of weeks has given me a deeper appreciation for the group of people that I share my days with. Not only do you allow me the privilege to work and coach you, but now you are helping me keep the gym running smoothly and to those of you that are pitching in – thank you so very much! This gym would not be the same without each and every one of you and in times of my need you are stepping in to help.   How can I be so lucky!



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    2 Responses to “Conference Recap and Thank You!”

    Laurie Kelley

    Narina, it’s a pleasure to help out even just a little in the gym. You work so hard to keep everything just right. Helping makes me feel even more a part of VWP!

    And hurry back, Marty – we miss you!



      Thanks Laurie. When times are tough, VWP family sticks together!!!


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