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February 15, 2012

A question that was asked in the gym yesterday prompted some reflection.  The question asked me yesterday was "Do I see a lot of changes with people training here – strength, health issues, etc?"

As I think of all the people that have, and continue to train at Victoria Wellness over the past 12 years, there are some very significant changes in strength gains, mobility and movement, health issues (blood pressure, diabetes) and weight loss.

To give you a few examples:

Keep in mind that all of these amazing clients came to VWP with no strength training background.  They had not been in gyms before so every exercise was a new experience.

Lisa K. has trained at VWP since Sept 2003 – coming up 9 years.  Lisa trains 5 days a week.
Her strength stats:

Squats in 2003 was 10 lb.   Back Squats 2011 – 200 lbs (at a bodyweight of 123 lbs)
Dumbbell Chest Press in 2003 was 8 lbs to now 40 bs.
Dumbbell 1 Arm Rows in 2003 were 10 lbs to now at 45 lbs.

Lisa is a petite lady so weight loss was not an issue.  But, she is now much leaner with a healthier ratio of body fat to lean muscle. 

Kim R. start with VWP in 2005 and he trains 3 days a week at VWP.
Kim's strength stats:

Cable Rows in 2005 were 60 lbs; to now at 110 lbs
Dumbbell chest press in 2005 at 12 lbs to now at 50 lbs in 2012
Dumbbell 1 Arm rows at 35 lbs in 2005 to 55 lbs now.

Anne C started at VWP in 2007.  Anne trains 5; sometimes 6 days with us.
Anne's strength stats:

squats with 8 lbs in 2007 to goblet squats now with 50lbs!
Dumbbell Presses with 10 lbs to 30 lbs now in 2012.
Deadlift (romanian) with 15 dumbbells in 2007 to 135 lbs now.

Alita started t VWP in 2009 and trains 3 days a week.
Alita's strength stats:

Dumbbell Chest Press started with 8 lbs in 2009 and now at 40 lbs.
Squats with 10 lbs dumbbells in 2009 and now goblet squats with 40 lbs.
Deadlift (romanian) with 25 lbs in 2009 and now at 115 lbs!

Not every workout here is about pushing large amounts of weight.  Regaining mobility and movement that were lost due to injury, inactivity or illness is just as vital as how much you can squat or bench press.  I remember several years ago training a client that did not have huge aspirations with respect to weight lifting.  She was an active lady that loved to hike, bike and work in her garden.  I think the most satisfying comment ever made to me was after a beautiful summer weekend and this lady had spent the whole weekend in her garden.  Come Monday she was so excited that she worked hard all weekend and even after the hundreds of wheelbarrows of dirt she had moved, she felt great.  For the first time ever, she had been able to garden a whole day and not end up on the couch in pain.  This is what is important in my job – this is real life!

We also have had 4 ladies successfully tackle Mount Rainer, not once but twice!  A trek thru the Himalayas – no worries for Mary P.  She has been training here at VWP since 2005 and is strong, fit and ready to tackle just about anything!

Health issues have also brought clients to Victoria Wellness.  Illness ranging from hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, osteoporosis to arthritis are some of the health issues that have presented here.  What is wonderful is that all of these clients have responded well to including a sound exercise program into their life.  This has resulted in either a decrease or an elimination of diabetic medication required.  We have also seen a reduction/elimination of blood pressure medications.

Weight loss is another issue that brings clients through our doors.  To achieve success with weight loss, you must have a will to succeed and a plan to follow.  We hold several "Fitness Challenge" contests throughout the year.  With the Challenge, clients have 6 weeks to hyper focus their efforts and tackle their weight loss issues head on.

With our last Challenge just prior to Christmas 2011, we had a total from all participants of 86 lbs lost, over 40" lost and a total drop of 34.6% body fat!

These are all amazing clients – strong, fit and capable of taking on any Challenge that life throws their way.  The one thing I notice with all of these clients is their commitment and dedication to their programs.  These clients do not miss workouts.  We can set our clocks by the day/time they come.  Other than illness/vacations, these dedicated clients are here working hard.

It is because of their consistency that they realize the strength gains, the weight loss and the satisfaction of a job well done.  Congratulations to all the hardworking, dedicated clients that share their busy lives with us.  You make our job easy!

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