Client Appreciation Night 2012

March 30, 2012 marked another Client Appreciation Night.  I look forward to these each year.  It it such a fun evening and we, the trainers get to see all our clients in “real clothes”, relaxed and enjoying themselves.  There wasn’t even any free rides on the sled this night.  Enjoy the pictures!



Heidi – always smiling                  Donna


Donna & Cory                    Shannon & Dean                    John & Renata – looking good!



Mary & Lisa                                       John                                             Gail & Narina



Meaghan & Dawn                     Narina & Alita                                       Hey Heidi!



Amye & Jimmy                      John & Max – pretty serious!     Gerald, Loree, Mary & Lisa



Bill, Renata & Christine           Connie & Dick                               Kate, Jackie & Will



Cory & Rosalyn                  Cory, Rosalyn and Shannon             Donna, Laurie & Scott – kid pics!



Dick, Will & Connie                     Cherie, guest & Jon                     Pauline & Norma



Michael &  John                    Donna, Eric & Loree


Gord, Lisa & Teresa


Gord, Lisa & Teresa                     Narina & Michelle                 Narina & Stefanie


Narina & Loree                           Narina, Michael & Dana                   Liz & Cherie

Gerald, Lisa & Me (peeking over)








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